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Spring shock-absorbing casters


Shock-absorbing casters are commonly used in the automotive industry. They are generally divided into American-style shock-absorbing casters and European-style shock-absorbing casters. Shock-absorbing casters require good rotation and force performance.

Among the many characteristics of shock-absorbing casters, good shock-absorbing performance is the most intuitive and most valuable feature. Because of the reasonable design of the shock-absorbing wheel structure, the excellent shock-resistant and anti-vibration spring is used to prevent the wheel from being damaged due to vibration when working on uneven ground. The large track diameter bead plate is selected, and after carbonitriding heat treatment, the rigidity and toughness of the chassis, upper and lower bead plates are improved, which makes the bead plate more flexible and easy to rotate and greatly improves the stress performance. The high-elasticity rubber core wheel made of high-quality natural rubber has good toughness and abrasion resistance. The high-tech PU iron core wheel has the characteristics of antifouling, oil resistance, wear resistance and high load bearing.

The shock-absorbing rubber wheel is also sealed and anti-winding, and the bead plate uses a sealing ring, which has very good dust-proof and anti-winding properties, and is suitable for the selection and requirements of different environments. When installed on an equipment vehicle through shock-absorbing casters, it has the characteristics of low starting power, high load capacity, and ultra-quiet shock absorption, which greatly reduces noise and provides a quiet production environment for the production workshop.

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