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Structural features of universal wheel

The universal wheel is a kind of movable caster, and its structure features include two aspects: direction rotation and rolling sliding. In the modern business field, the application of universal wheels (universal casters) is very extensive. When you walk into any large shopping mall or supermarket, you can see the casters (universal casters) everywhere. Taking a large supermarket as an example, consumers often push a trolley when shopping in the supermarket. The four slip points supported under the trolley are universal wheels. The universal wheels (universal casters) can slide in any direction on the horizontal plane, which greatly facilitates shopping and transportation. Consumers can easily push the shopping cart to slide in the mall.

Let's further analyze the structure of the universal wheel. Through careful observation, we will find that there are several components such as rollers, structural brackets, rotating bearings, and central rivets. The roller is a separate wheel. The structural support includes axles, nuts, screws, and plungers. Rotating bearing is the key mechanism for realizing the rotation of the roller. Usually there is a bushing outside. Rotating bearings also have several different models, including single-layer bearings, double-layer bearings, and double-row ball bearings. Choose according to actual application needs. The center rivet is also a key component. It is a bolt used to fix the rotating device. By tightening or loosening the center rivet, the direction rotation flexibility of the universal wheel (universal caster) can be controlled.

By analyzing the components of each part of a universal wheel, we can clearly distinguish the manufacturing process level and quality of use of a universal wheel (universal caster).