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What are the characteristics and application areas of nylon wheels?

First of all, let us know what nylon comes from. The full name of Nyion is polyamide fiber, and the English name is Polyamide (industry term for PA). This nylon (PA) has certain characteristics such as abrasion resistance, high temperature resistance, silent effect, shock absorption effect, and chemical resistance. The application fields of nylon (PA) materials are also relatively extensive. Such as nylon rope, nylon cloth, nylon conveyor belt, nylon tent, nylon wheel and so on. Next, Metrohm casters will give you a general introduction to the characteristics of nylon wheels and the application areas of nylon wheels.

We have also explained nylon above, so nylon wheels also have certain advantages in abrasion resistance, high temperature resistance, silent effect, shock absorption effect, chemical resistance and other characteristics. It is precisely because the nylon wheel has the above-mentioned advantages that it makes the nylon wheel widely used in various fields. For example: the flatbed in the trolley, using nylon wheels, can greatly improve the smoothness of the trolley on flat and sandy ground. At the same time, the nylon wheels also have the effects of silence, stability, and good hand feeling. The nylon wheels have smooth surface and no burrs. It will also make the trolley achieve the best results when in use. Of course, the application areas of nylon wheels are far more than just these. For example, some storage equipment will be equipped with nylon wheels; hospital beds and wheelchair carts will be equipped with such nylon wheels; shopping carts in supermarkets will also be equipped with nylon wheels.

Nylon wheels: including nylon casters, nylon gears, plastic nylon wheels, PU nylon wheels, iron core nylon wheels, nylon fork wheels, etc.

Nylon plastic universal wheel: The bracket is stamped and formed by steel plate, the surface is electro-galvanized, or according to requirements, it is wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, and can be equipped with various styles of brakes. Nylon plastic single wheel, injection molding, can be matched with ball, needle, bushing or integral bearing. Nylon universal wheels, wear-resistant and load-resistant, are widely used in furniture, furniture, food machinery, shopping malls and supermarkets, trolleys and other places.

With the continuous expansion of application fields, the use of nylon wheels in furniture, luggage and other industries is also increasing.